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When your hot water system goes, it usually will stop all together.  Then it's a matter of cold showers and Googling a local plumber.  First thoughts are usually - "Can they fix it?", then "The old one was okay lets just replace it with a new one".

However, as with all technology and appliances you could be missing out on better products.

Old Hot Water Systems

Water heating accounts for a quatre of typical household energy use.  There are now many hot water systems that have been designed to save energy and are kinder to the environment.

Electric, Gas or Solar Hot Water Systems?

Electric heated storage tank system usally range in price from about $300 - $1500 (not including installation).  Electric Water Systems are usually the cheapest to buy, however the most expensive to run.  A four person household usually needs a 125 - 160L tank. These can be installed indoors or outdoors.

Gas Hot Water System is good if you have the connection already in place.  Pricing can vary from $900 - $2000 ( not including installation).  It's cheaper than electricity and because gas rates dont vary through the day, gas hot water can heat water as needed.  A four person household needs a tank of about 135-170L.

Solar consists of panels and a storage tank.  They range in price from $2000 - $7000 (not including installation). Solar is expensive and time consuming to install, but it will pay for itself in the long run due to very low running costs.  A four person household will need approximately four square metres of solar collector area ( 2 solar panels) and a 300 - 360L tank.

Which Brand according to Canstarblue rated the best?

Households that ‘install a Rheem’ are the most satisfied this year. The company was rated five stars across most research categories, and replaces Rinnai at the top of the table. Rinnai and Bosch received four stars overall, with Dux and AquaMax on three stars. It should be noted that Rinnai still earned top marks on value, while joining Rheem on five stars in regards to reliability.

which hot water system is best

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